About Us


My ethos is to make beautiful, handmade, simple, natural, plastic free, sustainable and ethical products so that everyone can afford them.  I have been quoted as saying “I’m not in this to make a fortune, I’m here to make a difference”.


After moving back to NZ having lived in Australia for 40 years and on the end leg of some extensive travel I was in the need of some medical help.  I had been told I had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) before leaving Australia, but after further examination I was cleared to fly to NZ. It’s a long flight from Perth to Auckland and the pain and inflammation raised its head again.  

The mainstream medical system was at a loss to help.  My son presented me with a bunch of KawaKawa leaves and said to score them with a knife and laid them on my swollen knee, wrapped in a bandage and the next morning I was literally jumping for joy.  

I continued to use the KawaKawa on and off as a treatment for this condition and inflammation issues.  Both my husband and I were working in hard manual labour type jobs and we both received anti-inflammatory relief by apply the leaves.  Did you know you can place the leaves in your shoes?  Our feet need all the help they can get.

Consequently, with this success I was drawn to find out more about this amazing plant.  We were living inland South Taranaki, we had no KawaKawa on our property and had to search it out when required.

An opportunity to view a home for sale in Mokau arose.  A quarter acre section on a sloping block, half covered in native bush and KawaKawa for “Africa”.  The house provision for a studio underneath and is just 150 metres from the beach. I said to Chris (husband), this is it, lets called it KawaKawa Kottage!  We purchased the property.